Mandelbrot's Dragon

Revision History

Version 1.02
I added Japanese language support and expanded the range of shades from 32 to 256. I also added an option to fill in the bounded regions with the chosen color, rather than black.

Version 1.01
Added Russian language support.

Version 1.0
Original version.


Contact info

  • Email: rglovejoy at gmail dot com
  • Skype: rglovejoy

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Mandelbrot's Dragon is a live wallpaper for your Android device. It displays the Mandelbrot set on your screen and randomly zooms in on the parts of the set that would be interesting to the user. It is free to download and supports English, Spanish, Japanese and Russian.

I have written an explanation of how the Mandelbrot set works; there is also a page with screenshots showing how it looks on an Android phone.

I chose the name "Mandelbrot's Dragon" because when you look at the shape in a certain way, it sort of looks like the head of a dragon. Then there was also this:

There are a number of improvements I plan to make in the coming weeks and months. For one thing, it's still kind of slow, so I want to speed up how it does its computations. I also would like to introduce more colors. There is a fine balance to make, between having it look too bland and making it so distracting that it overshadows the icons and widgets laying on top of it.

I hope you enjoy using Mandelbrot's Dragon. If you can spare the time, I would really appreciate any feedback you may have.


Ron Lovejoy