About me

My name is Ronald Lovejoy and I am a software engineer living outside of Austin, Texas. I am a senior engineer with Mutual Mobile, a tech agency that builds mobile applications. My specialty is Android development.

Contact info

Skype: rglovejoy
Email: rglovejoy at gmail dot com

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Here is a list of some of the projects I have been working on.

This Android application assists people with colorblindness distinguish between different colors. English, Spanish and German language support.

ChrōmaZōn website

Mandelbrot's Dragon
A live wallpaper for Android devices, Mandelbrot's Dragon displays the Mandelbrot set on your screen and zooms in on the interesting parts. English, Spanish, Russian and Japanese language support.

Mandelbrot's Dragon at the Android Market

Mandelbrot's Dragon website

Conway's Shuffle
This live wallpaper displays Conway's Game of Life on your screen. When the activity starts to get boring, just shake your phone to shuffle the dots. English, Spanish, German and Russian language support.

Conway's Shuffle at the Android Market

Conway's Shuffle website